Huawei Kirin Powered Laptops

Huawei has confirmed its desktop pc which is powered by its own Kirin HiSilicon Arm chip. It is power by a Kirin 990 chipset that comes with 8 GB of RAM, and 512 GB SSD.

It is the first Kirin-powered laptop by Huawei. A photo of this product shipping box has been released on the Chinese social media platform Weibo along with its specifications. The Huawei Kirin-powered laptop has a 14” 1080p display. The laptop operates on Linux Deepin OS 20 but a shift to HarmonyOS is likely to be made possible in the future.

This laptop expects to be a cheaper version of the MateBook 14. It is developed by HiSilicon and is processed by TSMC on a 7nm process. The processors utilized in the MateStation may have four or eight cores clocked at 2.6 GHz.

There is a possibility that it may support 5g connectivity given that the SoC itself features an integrated 5G modem. The laptop will most undoubtedly hit the Chinese market first before coming to international. If Huawei has the intention to release it outside of China.

There is no official announcement from the corporate yet, which can suggest the products are going to be presumably be released within the Chinese market before releasing them in international markets.

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